Below you will find important documents related to the Kenyan crop seed sector which you can download. If you have suggestions for additional documents, please contact us.

6/11/2014 Summary of Private Sector Feedback on the Draft Seed and Plant Varieties(Seeds) Regulations,2013
Feedback and comments from private sector seed companies to the draft regulations proposed to implement The Seed and Plant Varieties Act (Cap326), 1975 (and amended in 2013).  This document was finalized in April, 2014, and was the result of three convenings of both public and private sector participants held between Oct. 30, 2013 and January 14, 2014, in addition to subsequent review of the draft document by private sector participants in the convenings.
1/09/2014 The Crop Act 2013
Gazetted legislation
1/09/2014 Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Service Act,2012
Gazetted legislation
1/09/2014 The Kenya Agricultural Research Bill, 2012
Gazetted legislation
1/09/2014 Kenya Seed Policy 2010
Gazetted legislation
1/09/2014 Seeds and Plant Varieties Amendement Act, 2013
Gazetted legislation; amendment to The Seeds and Plant Varieties Act, 1972 (As last amended in 2002)
21/02/2017 The Seeds and Plant Varieties (Seeds) Regulations, 2016
Gazetted legislation, Legal Notice No. 220 of The Seeds and Plant Varieties Act (Cap 326)
21/02/2017 The Seeds and Plant Varieties (Variety Evaluation and Release) Regulations, 2016
Gazetted legislation, Legal Notice No. 215 of The Seeds and Plant Varieties Act (Cap 326)
1/09/2014 The African Seed Company Toolbox:52 Tools Every Seed Company Manager Should Know How to Use
Practical, modular guide to building and managing a seed company (Aline O'Connor)
1/09/2014 Exhibits to the African Seed Company Toolbox
Exhibits to the above toolbox which can be changed and customized (Aline O’Connor)
1/09/2014 Seed Business Management in Africa
Comprehensive book on seed business management (John MacRobert, CIMMYT)
01/05/2015 Quality Management for Seed Enterprises in Developing Countries: A Reference Manual
This book, entitled Quality Management for Seed Enterprises in Developing Countries: A Reference Manual, is a product of the Seed Science Center at Iowa State University, USA.  It contains documentation of processes for developing a quality-oriented seed company, as well as various templates to be used by seed companies for activities such as contracting outgrowers and calibrating equipment.  (Released May, 2015)
01/06/2016 Maize Lethal Necrosis Disease Management Practices
Seed Production Recommendations for Managing Maize Lethal Necrosis Disease: Recommendations from Workshop on MLN Diagnostics and Management in Africa, Nairobi, Kenya, May 12 – 14, 2015. CIMMYT/AGRA/BMGF
24/01/2018 Fall Army Worm Field Scouting Instructions - - Smallholder farmers
Scouting Instructions for detecting Fall Army Worm for smallholder farmers
24/01/2018 Fall Army Worm Field Scouting Instructions - - Commercial Farms
Scouting instructions for detecting Fall Army Worms for commercial farms
24/01/2018 Fall Army Worm in Africa - Status and Management
B.M Prassana (Director - CIMMYT Global Maize Program) gives insight on the status of Fall Army Worm in Africa, its impact and strategies for effective management
24/01/2018 Maize Growth Stages
An illustration on maize growth stages (Day 1 - 100). This is useful when conducting field scouts for Fall Army Worm
1/09/2014 Scaling Seed Briefs Dec 2013
In-depth briefs on opportunities for scaling seed production, marketing and adoption (Syngenta Foundation, multiple authors)
01/11/2015 Food Security & Crop Seed in Kenya: Challenging Trends We Cannot Afford to Ignore (Dr. Joseph Kariuki)
(Published November 2015)
This paper aims to contribute to the policy debate on the role of sustainable agricultural development as a means of addressing food insecurity and poverty in Kenya. In particular, it examines the role of Kenya’s crop seed sector within the larger context of trends shaping the country’s agricultural growth.   This paper is Part I of a two-part series; Part II will be published in early 2016.

01/11/2015 SEED SECTOR INSIGHTS – KENYA, BRIEF #1: Crop Seed Company Propositions for Improving Current Seed Regulations (Paul Gamba, Egerton University)
(Released November 2015)
This policy brief highlights some of the key issues and proposals for improvement raised by crop seed companies with policy makers regarding the regulations currently under discussion, related to the Seed and Plant Varieties Amendment Act, 2013.

28/06/2016 Kenya Seed Industry Study (KSIS)
This study focuses on the seed industry in Kenya, and includes seed of the main food crops, with particular emphasis on seed produced in Kenya
06/09/2016 Food Security & Crop Seed in Kenya: Big Payoffs We Cannot Afford to Ignore (Dr. Joseph Kariuki and Noel Anyuka Templer)
(Published August 2016)
This policy brief is the second in a two-part series focusing on Kenya’s crop seed sector. Part I considered the key forces shaping agriculture in Kenya and the relationship between crop seed and food security. Part II probes the economic costs of a poorly developed seed sector and offers recommendations for reforms. 

23/09/2016 Variety Characteristics and Production Guidelines of Traditional Food Crops
 This manual has been compiled to provide guidelines on all aspects of traditional food crops being grown in the semi-arid areas of Kenya. In compiling this manual , reference was made to past work done by various KALRO centers located in the arid and semi-arid areas of Kenya.
20/02/2017 Agrodealer Baseline Survey
(Released February 2017)

The agrodealer baseline survey was carried out in August 2016 to generate baseline information on agrodealership businesses in Kenya from the perspective of crop seed trade. The study includes information on key characteristics of owners of agrodealerships, agrodealers’ relationship with crop seed suppliers and farmers, crop seed trade dynamics including crop seed sales trends between 2014 and 2016, involvement of women and the youth in agrodealership business, as well as challenges faced by agrodealers.  The information is important for stakeholders in the sector to understand the role of agrodealers as a critical link between the supply and demand sides of agro-inputs.

07/04/2017 Seed Potato Production and Certification Guidelines
An easy to read document on seed potato production in Kenya; Seed systems; Sources of seed, and degeneration; Diseases, cause & management; and Seed certification, regulations, rules &  procedures.
04/07/2019 Seed Company Survey and Analysis - Sub Saharan Africa
Summary of the seed company survey held in Sub Saharan Africa categorized into Company footprint, Variety turnover, Early generation seed, Retail distribution and Business Environment

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